Ultimate-Guitar.com posted a brand new interview they did with Synyster Gatestoday. The duo touch on recent CD (and DVD) releases, playing live, and Syn G’s guitar talent. Check out the full interview here.

(Synyster is talking to his pals who are there with him. He is in a skateboard shop and we talk skating for a minute).

We’ve been here (in the skateboard store) for, I dunno, an hour and a half or something making a couple of different ones. We’ve got some cruiser boards and some stuff. We’re gonna go to skate parks. We’re on tour with Buckcherry right now and these guys just get, like, decked out with wrist pads, elbow pads and all this kind of shit. So we’re like, “Really? ‘Cause you can’t really get hurt if you do that, but isn’t that embarrassing?” and they’re like, “Nah, the kids just love it that you come down!” So yeah we’re like, “Fuck it then, we’ll go get a shit ton of skateboards and helmets and all that kind of stuff,” so that’s what I was doing.

Are you a skateboarder?

I used to be when I was a kid, we all were. We were born and raised in OC so there’s a bunch of skate parks by our house, but after you fall a few hundred times you kinda give that shit up when you get older. Now I pretty much just surf. It’s safer, all you can do there is drown [laughs].

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