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The Pulse of Radio reports that AVENGED SEVENFOLD has been slammed in the press by another band for the second time this year. In a new interview with Metal Hammer magazine, guitarist Tim McTague of the Christian metal group UNDEROATH takes on the Southern California heavy rock act, saying, "People might associate us with AVENGED SEVENFOLD because they're pissed Republicans and 'so metal', but they're a gimmick, they're a circus. They can't play and they can't write a song. What's worse is the way they look. If you need to have make-up and crappy names like Synyster Gates to sell records, then you shouldn't be here. That's not rock'n'roll to me."

Earlier this year in an interview with Campus Circle, NOFX singer Fat Mike said about the group, "AVENGED SEVENFOLD is the epitome of what's wrong with rock and roll. They support Bush. Support the Iraq War. Wouldn't accept a drink 'cause they have to play the next day, but tell everyone they party. And play to a fucking DAT tape. However, a couple of them are decent poker players."

AVENGED SEVENFOLD recently closed out a year and a half of touring behind its self-titled 2007 album with two shows in Southern California and one in Las Vegas.
AVENGED SEVENFOLD will head into the studio later this year to begin working on their next album.



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