SynVasion [june 1st]

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Los creadores de Vengeance De Mayo, traen SynVasion. SV está hecho para apoyar la línea de ropa de Syn (Syn Gates Clothing, SGC), guitarrista de Avenged Sevenfold. SV es un sitio, donde todos los admiradores y fansites clebrarán en todo el mundo. ¿Cómo le haremos?: Necesitamos que cada uno de ustedes el día Primero de Junio, pongan las siguientes fotografías en su myspace como default, y pasar la voz a todo mundo. Así que marca tu calendario proque así como le hicimos en el Vengeance de Mayo, ahora le toca SynVasion... La foto default que tendrás que poner:

o una pequeña:

Así que no te olvides y sumate a SV MYSPACE!


From the people who brought you Vengeance De Mayo, we present to you- SynVasion. SV was made in order to support the Syn Gates Clothing line. This clothing line is made by Avenged Sevenfold's guitarist, Synyster Gates. SV is a place for all SGC/SG/A7X fans and fansites to come together and celebrate SGC in the biggest way possible.

How do we do it? :

-We will need EVERY fan to set this photo, at the bottom, as their default image on myspace on June 1st to support Syn Gates Clothing.

-Tell a friend about SGC, get them to become interested, and raise awareness for VU! -BUY MERCH, and get your friends to buy some too ;].

When? : Set the photo as your default June 1st, mark your calendar and don't forget! Why? : This is pretty much our "raise awareness" day.

The day we rule the internet. We wan't people to take a look and be like WTF??! is going on?!?!! We want to spread the word in the biggest ways possible. Basically, a plan to take over :] Don't take this day so seriously! Let's all get together, have some fun, and show our love for SGC! I'd like to picture all us fans gathering in the form of a middle finger to everyone else! aha :]

So spread this like butter, and make sure EVERYONE knows. Motto- Sound the sirens, Let 'em ring Our surge is sure to make you scream Ready or not our reign is near It's SynVasion, we are here.

smaller one for your profile:

You can upload the bigger banner into your pictures now, but do not set it as your default until June 1st!

Get EVERYONE to set THIS BANNER as their default, if we don't do this together, it won't work!



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