Hoy en el Facebook oficial de Underoath, la banda posteó “Un mensaje de Tim” sobre la entrevvsta que él dio a Metal Hammer, donde habló sobre Avenged Sevenfold. Aquí el mensaje:
"I’m writing this in response to my Metal Hammer paraphrasing in a recent online article. There’s obviously a fine line between being honest and careful when it comes to interviews. This is often a very severe impasse for me based on the fact that at times I find myself holding back, rather than just being able to have an open discussion of ideas. If I were to read just what has been posted, not knowing the context of the conversation, I would think the person who said that was one of the most-rude people to ever speak publicly. What was in fact a very well rounded music conversation, turned into a very public bash.

Most people who know me know that although I am very opinionated about certain issues, especially regarding music, I have never intentionally or publicly ridiculed any band. What was posted was a collection of just 10 sentences from an entire 30-minute interview in which I stated my personal opinions about certain ideals pertaining to our scene/genre. I’d also like to clarify that some things I am quoted saying were in fact never even said. All things that were indeed stated were said by me alone.

The interview was prefaced with the idea that this story was to be about music and only music. Leave your faith and everything else at the door, let’s just talk music. Music is the most powerful, influential force in potentially all of creation. I have seen it change lives before my eyes. Throughout the course of our career we have been confronted with many different issues. Bands go through image changes, ideal changes, and musical changes. This is a natural, and needed progression in order for music and musicians to progress. Whether you are pushing for reformation of anything from gay rights, religious beliefs, straight-edge, animal rights, etc., as an influential community we must take our responsibility for activism and progress as a charge.
I have no ill-will with Avenged Sevenfold, Escape the Fate or Metallica. Underoath just wrapped a tour with E.T.F. and we’ve all grown to like those dudes as a lot. I don’t know anyone from Avenged or Metallica, but I have no doubt they’re all good people.
Regardless of what it was made to look like, I wasn’t intending to start any issues between bands or arbitrarily bash any artists. Many people don’t like my band. To me, this scene is about positivity and making a difference in the world. I want my kids listening to Thursday talk about equality, or P.O.S. talk about injustice, or Thrice talk about getting involved in your local charity".


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