Misery Signals habla sobre Avenged Sevenfold, ¿diversión o coraje?
Una bandas más que habla sobre A7X en una entrevista para Shout!.
Juzgénlo ustedes mismos. Puede esuchar la entrevista aquí.

Y aquí el transcrip es el siguiente:
S!: Okay last band. Avenged Sevenfold.
Karl: Uh oh..
Kyle: Huge pile of dog shit. Nothing good to say about them.
Stu: Their band is horrible. They write horrible music. “Muuusic”. They look like douche bags and their music sucks.
Kyle: I’m sure they’re nice guys..
Stu: Yeah I’m sure they’re sweet dudes and I love that their singer is all jacked. He looks like a rockstar and they play shitty rockstar music that sucks and I think every single note that they produce is fucking garbage.
Karl: They have a song on Guitar Hero and I skip it all the time.
[laughs all around]
Stu: Yeah I would say that the consensus is there. Garbage bag, trash, dog shit.

S!: [laughs] So should I print this or not?
Stu: Yeah! It’s fine. But hey, if you guys have an opening slot let us in.
Kyle: Maybe you can prove us wrong.
Stu: Yeah yeah…M.Shadows and Mr.Gates or whatever your name is.
[laughs all around]


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