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As we walk past two lads naked save for ladies' thongs scarcely concealing their Meat & Two Veg, we loudly proclaim that we need an antidote to the pretentious dirge we just suffered. It comes in the form of five men in mirrored sunglasses from Orange County.
Avenged Sevenfold are Guns n Roses gone speed metal. Ridiculously brilliant guitar solos, extraordinary double bass pedal drumming and songs lasting for ten minutes that have about four different choruses each. It is over the top, it is absurd, it is amazing. The band includes the wonderfully named Synyster Gates, Johnny Christ and The Rev on drums. The Rev manages to break one of his drum pedals such is his furiously rubbery thumping on them. Sorry, Fred. A7X have just pinched Performance of the Day off you.


Metal Hammer

Avenged Sevenfold

Following the sadness of NIN’s last ever UK show isn’t the most enviable of tasks but thankfully, it’s one that Avenged Sevenfold are more than capable of. Hitting the stage with all of the gusto of a band in their pomp, A7X surge into the hard-and-heavy ‘Critical Acclaim’. What impresses more about A7X than someone such as BFMV, Trivium or any of the other bigger new wave bands is pure showmanship and star quality. This band were born to command stages and occasions such as this and by god, that’s exactly what they do.
Avenged continue to defy critics with performances such as today’s.



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