Daily Music Dose: The Dear & Departed

The Dear and Departed are New Wave/Indie band comprising of Dan Under (vocals), Darren Parkinson (Guitar), Courtney Miner (Guitar), and Jimmy Walsh (Drums).

Calling Orange County home, the band has an unusual history. The founding members moved to the USA from all across the world- England, Australia, New Zealand and Wales, in order to break into the music industry. Releasing their debut album, Something Quite Peculiar, in 2007, the record featured guest appearances by Dallas Green of Alexisonfire, Jessica Origliasso of The Veronicas and Matt Baker (brother of A7X guitarist Zacky Vengeance). The album was produced by Chris Vrenna (who has worked with Nine Inch Nails, U2, The Smashing Pumpkins) and Jade Puget (AFI Guitarist). (Source)

The Dear & Departed
have a late 70's/80's vibe to their music; combining keyboards and guitar reminiscent of The Cure, with vocals reminiscent of The Smiths. The album is far from monotonous, from anthemic tunes like Tonight's the Night, to a largely acoustic cover of The Church's Under the Milky Way. In all honesty, you can probably do with skipping the intro And We Begin... as the gregorian chanting is a bit boring (as far as I'm concerned, the album really begins with the upbeat I Will Love Again).

The friends I've shared this album with, for the most part, haven't shared my enthusiasm for their music (much to my disappointment). Dan Under's voice is perhaps something of an acquired taste, but the band is well worth investing some time in to get to like. Behind Under's mournful voice hides uplifting lyrics you will want to sing along to.

The band has recently undergone some line-up changes, loosing three founding members, leaving only the original vocalist (Under) and one of the guitarists (Parkinson), so I am waiting to see whether the two new members (Miner & Walsh) will bring a change in musical direction for the band. On their myspace, the band have released samples from the album they are currently recording which sound highly promising. Go add their Buzznet page!

The Dear & Departed are bringing back New Wave like it's 1983.


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